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£’s for lb’s is a new PB Nutrition plan designed entirely with slimmers in mind.

For every lb you lose, you’ll get £1 back at the end of the 4 week period! You can choose to buy your food from us, or prepare your own, the choice is yours!

Who’s it for?

Anyone that is looking to lose weight in the short term and keep it off in the long term! (Anyone that has medical condition should consult with their healthcare practitioner before commencing any kind of a diet/weightloss programme.) However, be prepared to fully engage in the programme: long term weight management requires some attitudinal change coupled with some lifestyle and behaviour modifications on your part to be successful.

We don’t do faddy diets, we don’t do overly-restrictive diets and we don’t do overnight, unrealistic fast fixes.

What’s included:

  • Initial weigh-in and measurement taking, and a personalised calorie/macro target, specifically designed to aid weight loss.
  • Weekly weigh-ins thereafter, at a time to suit you.
  • Group support from our staff and your peers via a private Facebook group.
  • Weekly Q&A session via Facebook Live in your group.
  • Daily tips/information to support you with your lifestyle change.
  • Activity and workout ideas – no gym needed!
  • Final weigh-in and measurement taking on completion of your 4th week.

Why choose PB Nutrition’s £’s for lb’s?

Unless you have specific dietary needs, we believe that a sensible, balanced and flexible approach to dieting (ie weightloss) is likely to be the most successful. We don’t just want you to lose weight, we want you to understand and educate yourself about yourself (what works for you, what makes you feels good, what makes you feel rubbish, what ways of thinking, attitudes and habits are holding you back).

A lot of people find the community spirit of slimming groups helpful in achieving their goals, so feel free to participate as much or as little as you like in the Facebook group. Benefits of peer support include: learning from others, encouragement, easily accessible support and advice.

Did you know that the PB in PB Nutrition stands for personal best!? We want you to achieve your own personal best, whatever that looks like for you. Why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose except pounds…pounds that you will earn back, but the spending kind!


Without food: only £25!

With 4 weeks of food: £169-£249 depending on size and number of meals purchased (2 meals per day for 5/6/7 days either small or medium size). Your account will then be credited with enough to purchase the required amount of meals per week.

We recognise that at this time of year, people might not have much spare cash available. In this case another option is to purchase the £25 no food option and pay weekly for your food if required.

  • Prices are inclusive of 4 weeks worth of meals (unless you select to cook your own).
  • £ 0.00

On purchase, we will be in touch within 24 hours to get you started as soon as possible.

You can join at any time.

See you soon,

The PB Nutrition Team

The fine print:
Our small meals are approx. 300-400 calories. Medium meals are approx. 400-500 calories.
Any persons with any medical issues are advised to consult their doctor prior to commencing a weightloss programme, including PB Nutrition’s Pounds for Pounds programme. If you have allergies/intolerances or specific dietary needs please consult with us prior to purchasing this product.
Credit will be applied instantly for you to order on a starting day of your choice.
Ideally you will be weighed weekly at our Hull store, but you must, as a minimum, be weighed at PB Nutrition on your starting day (ie first pick up) and then again 28 days later (or a date mutually agreed by yourself and PB Nutrition). The cash for lbs lost will be given back to you at this final weigh-in.
Credit purchased for food does not cover the supplemental surcharge for steak or salmon dishes – although you can pay extra for these if required.
Refunds are not permitted and credit lasts 6 weeks from day of purchase. Offer not be used in conjunction with any PB Nutrition offers/deals/discounts.
All other terms and conditions apply with regards the purchase of food from PB Nutrition.


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