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In our busy modern society, sticking to our healthy eating plans can become difficult or even impossible for various reasons: you might be a busy working parent rushing from place to place, a singleton who hasn’t got a clue about how to cook or maybe even a gym addict who spends all your free time at the gym, leaving little time for anything else. But don’t worry, PB Nutrition has got it covered! You simply select your meals from our fantastic range of healthy recipes and we do the rest. Eating healthily and consistently has never been so easy! No food shopping, no cooking, no mess; just the meals you like, cooked freshly on the day of pick up, just for you.

For a complete beginner, learning about macro’s can be quite confusing. Macros is short for macronutrients and are vital for life by providing us with energy. There are 3 types of macro: protein, carbohydrates and fats, and each one does a different ‘job’. All foods are made up of at least one macro, or a combination of 2 or all 3. Every person will require a different amount of each depending on their own needs and goals. Some people, especially sports people, manipulate (control) their macro intake in order to best meet their goals, for example bodybuilders will have very different macro needs to a marathon runner. Macro manipulation is also useful for people with certain health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. Confused? Don’t worry, we can offer advice on what you might want to consider ordering from our macro menu, just drop us a line!

The macro menu is fully customisable in terms of size and a ‘pick and mix’ approach to your meal: it’s simple really, you choose your protein (e.g. pulled BBQ chicken), your carbohydrate (e.g. sweet potato slices) and your accompanying veg. The specials menu changes regularly and is more of a complete meal, being served ‘as is’, without an option to customise other than by size.

You can if you wish, but one of the main benefits of a meal prep service is that it supports consistency and adherence in healthy eating habits. It’s like the old saying “you get out what you put in” – we make the ‘putting in’ part easy!

All meals must be kept refrigerated or frozen on the day of purchase to be used within 2 months. Refrigerated meals will keep fresh for 2 days after the day of pick up so we strongly recommend allowing yourself at least 2 pick-ups a week when having our meals all week. 

You can order up to 6pm on the day before you want to pick up or up to 2 weeks in advance?. As stated above, refrigerated meals are consumable for 2 days after the day of purchase, therefore when planning for the whole week you might want to consider ordering 2-3 days worth of meals at a time and set your pick up days to be, for example, a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. Pick up times vary by day but are usually across late afternoon/early evening. Or alternatively, you can order your full week’s worth and freeze day 4 onwards.

Every single person will be different but as a rough guide, males are advised to adhere to diet of around 2500 calories per day and women 2000 calories. You can also try using our online calorie/macro calculator to work out what your own nutritional needs are. Also see our nutritional information pages for macro/calorie breakdowns of the macro menu.

Our food does not claim any magical properties that will make you gain or lose weight, it’s basic maths and science: energy in (calories) + energy used = energy balance. A positive energy balance will result in weight gain*, a negative balance will result in weight loss* (*in most healthy adults). Our meals can certainly assist you to achieve your nutritional goals, that’s the beauty of a customisable meal prep service like PB Nutrition!

Yes, look out for low carb options in the specials menu, and you can fully customise the amount of carbs in the macro menu, even doubling up on your veg instead of carbs if you want to!

We cannot cater for specific allergies, however ingredients are listed on each product page.

Some of our meals are vegetarian/vegan friendly and are indicated accordingly. If you have a favourite veggie meal you’d like adding to the menu, feel free to send us it!

At this moment in time, we are unable to cater solely for gluten free diets. However, this is something we are working on and looking to provide in the very near future, so please bear with us.

Online is the preferred option although we recognise that sometimes modern technology comes with its own set of issues, or you may even just prefer that human touch. In these cases, you can pop in or call us to order.

Payments must be made in advance, but yes you can pay in store in cash.

Not at this stage, although it is a future venture we are looking into.

We sure do! Consistency ensures results and we want to encourage and reward your healthy eating habits. Check out our packages page for the latest deals available. Sponsorship and business rates available: contact us for more info.

Of course we can! Change can sometimes be daunting, but don’t worry, we’ll help and guide you as much as possible: we want happy healthy customers! Get in touch via one of the methods listed on our Contact Us page.

The question we would ask you is, do you know what you’re using and why? Here at PB Nutrition we always take a food first approach but there are instances where supplementation is useful, applicable, relevant and advantageous. We do stock selected supplements but just make sure you’re supplementing for the right reasons! Questions? Ask away!

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